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Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden

david_newNamed a Southern California Top Lawyer by Los Angeles magazine, Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden has a national reputation as a leading criminal trial attorney in complex federal and state fraud cases and drug trafficking conspiracies. Contact the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden in Los Angeles for a free consultation about your options for resolving serious criminal charges. 1-800-455-6200. With more than 35 years of criminal defense experience, Attorney David Elden’s practice focuses on the most challenging cases that often reflect many months of federal investigation or lengthy indictments returned against multiple defendants. He always values the opportunity to represent a client’s interests while a Grand Jury Investigation is still proceeding because of the potential for influencing the prosecutor’s decisions and protecting his client from any potential criminal charges. CONTACT our office for a FREE Consultation with a highly skilled Criminal Defense Attorney: 1-800-455-6200 The law firm represents clients in defense of such specific state and federal criminal charges and situations as the following:

  • Fraud Crimes, particularly those involving small businesses, corporate executives or professionals, or multinational corporations
  • Business Crimes from accounting fraud to unlawful public contracting practices
  • Internet Crimes, such as identity theft or unauthorized sale of controlled substances online
  • Public Corruption Cases, such as bribery, campaign finance violations, or obstruction of justice by a public official
  • State and Federal Drug Crimes involving importation, manufacture, transportation, or trafficking
  • Complex conspiracy cases, particularly those involving Drugs or Fraud
  • Financial or drug cases based on Wiretap Evidence
  • Gross misdemeanor or felony Motor Vehicle Offenses such as vehicular, DUI hit and run Recovery of cash, motor vehicles, or other property seized in civil or criminal
  • Asset Forfeiture proceedings
  • International Prison Transfers involving foreign nationals charged or convicted of crimes Immigration lawyer with connections to law enforcement

Contact the offices of Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden in Los Angeles at 1-800-455-6200 for a complimentary consultation. For additional information about the range of our criminal defense services, contact the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden in Los Angeles at 1-800-455-6200. Mr. Elden serves clients throughout the United States.

Practica de Defensa Criminal de David A. Elden La revista Los Angeles, nombro a David A. Elden como uno de los abogados más prestigiosos del sur de California.  Él es reconocido a nivel nacional como un especialista en la defensa de casos complejos de fraude federal y conspiración para traficar estupefacientes. Contacte sus oficinas en Los Angeles para una consulta gratis. David A. Elden se ha enfocadoen tomar casos complejos que requieren muchos meses de investigación federal, que usualmente resultan en una acusación en contra de varias personas.  Para el abogado es muy importante tener la oportunidad de representar a sus clientes mientras las investigaciones de un jurado federal sigan en marcha, con el objetivo de influenciar las decisiones del fiscal (la fiscalía), y proteger a sus clientes de ser acusados formalmente. Contacte nuestras oficinas para una consulta gratuita al: 1-800-455-6200 Nuestra firma defiende a personas contra cargos criminales federales y estatales:

  • Delitos de fraude son particularmente aquellos que involucran negocios pequeños, ejecutivos de corporaciones o corporaciones multinacionales
  • Delitos corporativos: incluye fraude en la contabilidad de un negocio, o prácticas ilícitas de contratos públicos
  • Casos de corrupción pública: soborno, violación financiera durante compañas públicas/políticas, o la obstrucción a la justicia por un oficial público
  • Casos de drogas estatales y federales: estos pueden ser la importación, manufacturación, transportación y tráfico
  • Casos complejos de conspiración, particularmente aquellos de drogas y fraude
  • Casos de tráfico de drogas, malversación de fondos
  • Casos de intercepciones telefónicas
  • Casos menores o felonías como manejar bajo la influencia del alcohol o de las drogas, atropello y fuga, recuperación de dinero y de vehículos.
  • Propiedades confiscadas en un proceso civil o criminal de decomiso
  • Transferencias internacionales de prisioneros extranjeros acusados y condenados por un delito

Recomendaciones: David A. Elden recibe recomendaciones constantemente.  La reputación del Sr. Elden de ser un abogado eficaz y exitoso se refleja en el número de recomendaciones que recibe de sus clientes y de sus colegas.  Más del 80 por ciento de sus casos son recomendados por otros abogados.  A su discreción, los abogados que recomiendan clientes tratan los casos como co-defensores. Para información adicional acerca de nuestros servicios legales, contacte nuestras oficinas en Los Angeles al 1-800-455-6200.  El Sr. Elden sirve a sus clientes en el sur de California y a través de todos los Estados Unidos.

Of Counsel Criminal Defense Attorney Victor Sherman

An experience trial lawyer who has tried hundreds of cases in both federal and state courts, Victor has has defended clients in cases ranging from business fraud to drug offenses, tax crimes, securities fraud, money laundering, public corruption, customs violations and racketeering, as well as misdemeanor and felony offenses and crimes of violence such as murder, sexual assaults and arson.

Victor Sherman’s clients have included a “Watergate” defendant as well as a defendant charged with the largest bank heist in the nation. Attorney Victor Sherman has argued before the United States Supreme Court (United States v. $8,850) and Courts of Appeal in many federal circuits.

Victor Sherman was a national commentator during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and is currently challenging the secret and indiscriminate wiretapping of over 100,000 California residents conducted by Los Angeles County District Attorney and law enforcement agencies in Southern California over the past decade.

Innovative and Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The Aspen Advanced Criminal Law Seminar was established by Victor Sherman in 1980 to foster an environment for defense attorney to share common experiences and learn from one another. The seminar has been co-sponsored by by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers since 1997.

Named one of the Best Lawyers in Southern California, in the 2009 as a supplement by the Los Angeles Times in its December supplement to the 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times magazine, Victor Sherman regularily appears on MSNBC to provide legal commentary on current high profile cases.

Victor Sherman received his B.S. in Business from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1962 and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law), in 1965.

Of Counsel Criminal Defense Attorney Mieke ter Poorten

Representing clients across California, Mieke ter Poorten has experience with both state and federal crimes including major drug offenses, money laundering, DUI, Medicare fraud, identity theft, violent crimes, domestic violence, carjacking, criminal threats, credit card fraud, and sex crimes.

Mieke ter Poorten has experience running a successful Los Angeles based strategic planning firm where she worked with high-level executives, professionals and politicians to build their reputation and achieve business and career growth. Meike recieved her JD from Southwestern University School of Law in 2010 and clerked for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis on a yearlong complicated habeas case.

Her unique combination of strategic planning experience and knowledge of the law, along with fierce dedication, make Meike an extremely effective attorney.

Meike ter Poorten is currently a member of the Los Angeles Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California Public Defenders Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is a frequent speaker for both local and national bar associations.