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Los Angeles Drug Paraphernalia Possession Attorney David Elden & Victor Sherman

Drug paraphernalia refers to the equipment, components, or materials that are modified for making, using, or concealing illegal controlled substances such as heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, or other controlled substances and narcotics. Drug paraphernalia is generally characterized as either user-specific or dealer-specific. User-specific paraphernalia is made up of items like rolling papers, pipes, syringes, cocaine freebase kits, and small containers for hiding drugs. Dealer-specific paraphernalia includes items used by dealers to prepare portions of drugs for street traffic, such as small scales, vials, and baggies. If you have been charged with or even if you are under investigation for such a charge, it is important to have the advice and representation of an experienced Los Angeles drug paraphernalia lawyer helping you every step of the way. Look to the expert attorneys at the top-ranked criminal defense firm of Premier Federal Criminal Defenders for representation in your drug paraphernalia case. Early intervention is one of the best strategies our lawyers use to help our clients avoid life-altering legal consequences associated with drug convictions. Our prior court victories serve as proof of our legal team’s dedication to our clients.

How this drug offense is classified (felony or misdemeanor) and the penalties involved are based on whether the particular paraphernalia in your case is user or dealer paraphernalia (explained above), whether illegal drugs were found in your possession, the type and amount of drugs involved, and your criminal history, most importantly any prior drug charge convictions. Penalties for drug paraphernalia charges may be imprisonment, fines, community service, drug rehabilitation programs, and/or probation. Contact our offices as soon as possible for information on how to proceed if you are facing charges or investigation for a drug paraphernalia charge. Our office serves the entire Los Angeles area and we can help you no matter where you are.

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