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Los Angeles Prescription Drug Crime Attorney David Elden & Victor Sherman

Lawyers with Expertise Defending Prescription Drug Charges

Prescription drug crimes include fraud, forgery, sales, doctor shopping, and unlawful possession. Prescription medications are highly addictive and have become a widespread issue in the Los Angeles area in recent years. Most prescription drug addictions begin innocently when a person is given pain medication to deal with an injury or recovery from surgery. Sometimes individuals become addicted and start to break the law in order to obtain more and more medication to feed their addiction. Veteran Drug Crime Attorney David Elden & Victor Sherman believe that individuals with prescription drug addictions should receive rehabilitation and treatment for the underlying addiction problem and not jail time.

With over 80 years of combined criminal defense experience David Elden & Victor Sherman have worked as both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our lawyers understand how the prosecutors work and how they build their cases, which means we have unique insight into developing innovative and effective defense strategies for our clients. Our prior case victories showcase our dedication to our clients and our knowledge of the law. If you are under investigation for or have already been charged with a prescription drug crime in the Los Angeles area, contact the expert attorneys at our top-ranked criminal defense law firm. Even if you have already been convicted of a prescription drugs crime, we can also help you clean up your record with an expungement. Call our offices today to see how our legal team can help you with your drug prescription charge.