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Los Angeles Federal Counterfeiting Lawyers David Elden & Victor Sherman | Charged with Federal Counterfeiting?

Defend Counterfeit Charges with Our Expert White Collar Defense Lawyers

If you or someone you know is facing federal charges of counterfeiting, you’ll need an experienced attorney with a good reputation to get you the best possible outcome. Navigating through federal criminal procedures is a lot different than the procedures in state court and you will need a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney by your side who knows their way around in federal court. An expert and committed federal defense lawyer can be found at the highly-regarded criminal defense firm of Premier Federal Criminal Defenders.

Federal criminal penalties can be a lot more harsh than state penalties and can include lengthy incarceration periods and financially burdensome fines, among other consequences. Counterfeiting is defined as the illegal copying of something with the intent to have others believe it is genuine rather than a copy. Whereas in the past, counterfeiting was related to currency, legal tender and other documents such as medical and legal documents, more common today is the unlawful duplication of items such as designer clothing, handbags, sunglasses, and other goods. In addition to the manufacturing of counterfeit items, it is also against the law to be in possession of forged or counterfeited documents and instruments or tools that are used to create counterfeit legal tender.

Facing federal counterfeiting charges are a serious matter and you do not want to handle the process on your own. Hire a tenacious and expert federal defense attorney from the exclusively criminal defense firm of Premier Federal Criminal Defenders. Our legal team is here to help, every step of the way. Contact our offices today for a comprehensive and confidential consultation on your matter so we can get started on your aggressive defense strategy right away.

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