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Los Angeles Child Abuse Defense Attorneys David Elden & Victor Sherman

Being charged with a child abuse crime is a uniquely difficult situation.  The deck is, in many ways, stacked against the defendant.   Juries, judges, prosecutors, the media and just about everyone has an extremely negative view of anyone who is even accused of the crime of child abuse. While there are degrees of this crime, it is often treated like domestic violence crimes in that even an allegation has to lead to a police investigation no matter how much the supposed victim denies the abuse. Having a criminal defense attorney who can defend you in a Los Angeles Court is absolutely necessary because the deck is “stacked against” anyone accused of child abuse.

If you are charged with Child Abuse or believe you may be charged, it is absolutely essential that you acquired experience legal representation as early in the process as possible.

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David Elden & Victor Sherman are experienced Southern California Defense Attorneys who have defended dozens of defendants against child abuse charges in a career that has spanned thirty-five years.  They will explain that not every crime in this category is obvious. There are a number of crimes termed abuse, including chronic neglect or starvation by a parent or caregiver, physical abuse, abuse of children in a foster home, “shaken baby” syndrome, or even a child brought into the emergency room with signs of physical trauma. Other incidences of abuse include sexual abuse by a parent, step-parent or guardian and witnessing domestic violence without reporting it. Abuse can also be as seemingly innocuous as failing to meet the requirements of a child’s education.

Types of Child Abuse Criminal Charges

California has a number of laws protecting children from neglect, broken bones, sexual abuse, brain trauma, skull fractures, shaken baby syndrome and more. The federal government passed the Child abuse Prevent and Treatment Act (CAPTA) which each state must adopt in terms of defining acts of abuse against children. This includes:

  • Physical Abuse – This includes bruising, broken bones, brain damage, cuts, burns and concussions. These types of injuries can occur as a result of kicking, punching, beating, shaking, burning or throwing a child.
  • Emotional Abuse – Parents, teachers, foster parents and other caregivers can be charged with a negative pattern of behavior that seriously impacts a minor.
  • Sexual Abuse – This is seen as one of the most severe types of child abuse. Any use of a child for sexual gratification is considered child sex abuse. This includes inducing, coercing or persuading a minor to engage in a sex act. Rape, child prostitution, child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor are all further examples.
  • Child Neglect – Neglect makes up roughly 60% of all abuse cases where a parent or guardian fails to properly care for a minor in their care.

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