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Expungement and Record Sealing Attorneys


What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process of having convictions or arrests removed from public records. Unlike sealing, law enforcement will still have access to a person’s criminal history, even if an arrest or conviction is expunged. A person may apply to have his/her arrest or conviction expunged if he/she meets certain legal criteria.

Before a person can have his/her arrest or conviction expunged, he/she must: have met probation criteria, must have obeyed all issued court orders, and must not have any subsequent criminal offenses. If all of these requirements are met, the person may file a petition for expungement.

Sealing Records/Expungement Advantages

Because criminal records contain publicly accessible information, it is always to a person’s advantage to consider expungement or sealing. When a person has a negative mark on his/her criminal record, it can greatly limit his/her employment, educational, and housing options. A person’s criminal record may also prohibit him/her from obtaining student or bank loans. For this reason, it is in the person’s best interest to file for sealing or expungement.

Hiring an Experienced Expungement/Sealing Attorney

David Elden & Victor Sherman are experienced criminal defense attorneys who have been helping clients throughout Southern California seal and expunge their arrest records for thirty-five years.

If you are interested in expunging or sealing your criminal record, do not hesitate to call us.  David Elden & Victor Sherman and our knowledgeable legal team can evaluate your individual situation and advise you of your legal options.

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