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Los Angeles Murder Defense Attorney David Elden & Victor Sherman

Facing a murder charge is an exceptionally frightening and disorienting experience. You need a tough and experienced defense lawyer by your side every step of the way, making sure your rights are protected. While facing a murder charge is a very serious matter, it  is the job of your murder defense lawyer to conduct an independent investigation of all the facts and present this set of facts to the prosecutors and judge in your case. In the American criminal justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the criminal defense attorney’s job is to make sure that the government plays fair and does not violate your rights.

Murder is defined as the killing of another human being with malice. If a killing does not involve malice, then it is deemed to be manslaughter, voluntary or involuntary, orDUI manslaughter. Under the laws of California, malice can be either express or implied. Express malice means that the person specifically intended to cause the death of the victim. Malice is implied to be present when the victim’s death resulted from the accused individual’s actions, the natural and probable consequences of that action would lead to death, and the act was deliberate. The prosecutor must be able to prove all these things beyond a reasonable doubt in order to sustain a conviction for murder. If you are facing a murder charge, consult with an aggressive and well-regarded Los Angeles murder defense lawyer.  David Elden & Victor Sherman have over 80 years of combined experience defending clients in Los Angeles.  They understand the challenges you face, and they will guide you through this exceptionally difficult experience.

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