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Los Angeles Bribery Defense Attorney David Elden

At Elden Law Group, you will find an experiened team headed by David Elden who has over 35 years years of experience mounting federak criminal defense in Southern California and other jurisdictions.  His many years of dedication to taking on the most serious criminal defense cases has earned a reputation for success.  David Elden will defend you aggressively and with insight and a clearhaded understanding of the issues if you find yourself facing  bribery charges.

Bribery Charges in Los Angeles, California

David Elden understands  how complex the trails of evidence can be in bribery cases.   Our team is able to sort through the details and construct a case that is dedicated to protecting your reputation and maintaining your freedom.

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Charges of Political Bribery

Often times city council members, city planning commissioners, treasurers, mayors and other politicians face accusations of accepting bribes.  Our team understands how damaging these accusations can be, even if you are not convicted. We are prepared to handle every aspect of your case discreetly. You can be certain that we are committed to protecting your political future.

Charges of Commercial Bribery

David Elden has defended dozens of  business professionals accused of commercial bribery.

We know that these are serious matters. We know that the steps we take can make the difference between you continuing on your path to success and your life taking an entirely different direction. We want you to know that we are committed to helping you overcome these charges.

Complex Criminal Defense for Complex Cases

David Elden knows how to defend against bribery and all related charges, including blackmail and extortion. We understand that these are not simple matters and we know how to take the best possible steps from the earliest stage of the case to assert your rights and protect your interests.  We know that it will be necessary for us to dig deep to sort out the details and build a case designed to achieve success.

This is where experience makes the difference. This is where working as a team is important. You will have a group of lawyers, each with unique skills, on your side. We will scour the evidence, carefully looking for opportunities to get positive results as early as possible.

CONTACT David Elden For  a Free Consultation: (800) 455-6200 or send message

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