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Los Angeles Credit Card Fraud Attorney David Elden

Credit card fraud in Los Angeles is extremely common, and has become an increasingly complex crime that in many cases involves multiple parties.  Good people can get implicated in this type of criminal activity quite easily.  No matter what role you play in this type of crime, the prosecution will take serious action against you.  You need a strong and capable defense team to assert your rights and defend your freedom.  David Elden has over thirty-five years over experience defending crimes of this type.  He can help.

Credit Card Fraud Charges in Los Angeles, California

Traditionally, credit card fraud  referred to cases in which one person misappropriated another person’s identity in order to obtain and use a credit card.  More recently the charges have typically become more extensive, requiring a higher degree of sophistication on the part of the attorney representing a client charged with credit card fraud.  David Elden has experience and has enjoyed success defending individuals accused of:

  • Running factories to mass produce illegal credit cards
  • Purchasing items with stolen credit cards
  • Renting out drop houses that items purchased with stolen credit cards are sent to
  • Selling items purchased with stolen credit cards over EBay for cash

No matter what role you have been accused of playing, David Elden can provide you the strong criminal defense representation you deserve.

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Frequently in credit card fraud cases, the charges are expanded to include conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, and sometimes money laundering.  In some cases, when credit cards are used to proote underage prostitution and porn, you may face sex trafficking charges.  David Elden can protect you from the threat of the government pursuing excessive and unreasonable charges.  You can be confident that we know how to leverage our experience to design a legal strategy to protect your rights. Your future is at stake and we are here to protect it.

Helping Clients in Southern California

David Elden can help you with your credit card fraud case, but you must contact us as soon as possible. Our credit card fraud lawyers serve all cities and counties in the Southern California area including:

  • LA County
  • Riverside
  • Ventura
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • San Bernardino
  • And the rest of Southern California

CONTACT David Elden For  a Free Consultation: (800) 455-6200 or send message

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