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Los Angeles Tax Evasion Defense Attorney David Elden

For many people, taxes are not a simple matter. Errors can be made. Things can be overlooked. Unfortunately, the IRS may not see the difference between an honest mistake and an intentional act of tax evasion Los Angeles. Furthermore, the IRS can make mistakes too. They may see fraud where none exists.  At the Law Offices of David Elden,  our Los Angeles tax attorneys are ready to stand steadfast beside you.  We have many decades of experience handling the most complicated and high profile criminal defense cases. You can be confident our tax fraud attorneys have what it takes to put things back in order.

Tax Evasion Charges in Los Angeles, California

The IRS may file charges of tax evasion against you  for a wide variety of reasons. Among the most common are failure to file tax returns in a timely manner and/or allegations that you provided false information about your income.  No source of income can be withheld.

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Tax evasion and “structuring”

Structuring money transactions – e.g., by carving up deposits – to avoid currency reporting requirements —  is a felony and can trigger prosecution. Our tax fraud attorneys can defend you aggressively. These matters are made more complex by the fact that you may not have been the one actually in charge of handling your taxes. Perhaps you had an assistant, an accountant or someone else handle the matter for you. You are still responsible in the end. Tax evasion charges will be made against you.

Defense Against Tax Evasion Charges

To provide a strong defense against tax evasion charges, an in-depth understanding of the tax codes is crucial. A tax evasion attorney needs to be able to understand sophisticated financial transactions and similar matters.

We certainly know our way around the tax codes. We know how to take on the IRS. We know how to overcome complicated challenges to present a strong case dedicated to getting positive results for you.

Helping Clients in Southern California

Our criminal defense / tax fraud attorneys can help you with your tax evasion situation, but you must contact us soon. Our tax lawyers serve all cities and counties in the Southern California area including:

  • LA County
  • Riverside
  • Ventura
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • San Bernardino
  • And the rest of Southern California

CONTACT David Elden For  a Free Consultation: (800) 455-6200 or send message

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