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Client names have been omitted from the reviews below.

I had the FBI knocking on my door, literally and I was arrested. I was scared, I had not been in trouble before and didn’t know what to do. I called my sister and she found David Elden on the internet and that turned out to be very good luck for me. Mr. Elden took the time to explain what was going on and kept me and my sister up to date on my case. I really think that it was a blessing for us to have found him. He was able to get a great deal for me that no way I was gong to get without his help. I want to recommend Mr. Elden to anyone that is reading this. Thank you Mr. Elden.”

I thought I was a goner and that nobody could stand up to the Feds until I hired David. He explained the charges and then worked what seemed like all the time on my defense. I was on my way home and I get a call from him telling me that they had dropped the charges against me; I almost drove off the road!!…I know it could not have happened without David’s help and hard work. If you ask me, he is the best guy you want to fight for you.”

“Look the truth is that they had me cold and I thought there would be not much that I could do about it. I was facing Federal charges, tough ones. I don’t want to get too much into it but, my family and I where surprised when David got the charges down to a less category and instead of look at a long time in, I’m only facing a few months, that is something I can live with. David did a great job for me.”

“The Federal Government indicted me with embezzlement relating to a savings in loan that I ran. I was the branch manager and thought I had nothing to worry about until an outside auditor came in to check the books. I called Attorney David Elden for legal advice and guidance with my situation. Mr. Elden clearly explained my choices and what he can do for me. I am very happy to say that what I thought was the end of my career and my life as I knew it turned to be a large bump in my road, one that I will get over in time. Mr. Elden’s help was invaluable and his negotiating skills impeccable. I was able to get a great deal and I know this was due to Mr. Elden’s work; I will forever appreciate what he did for me and how he handled my case.”

“David was not the first attorney that I hired on my case. I had called around and found who I thought was a great attorney, but all I got was a bill and nothing more. My wife did some research and found David. He turned my case around got me on the right track and actually advised me on how to negotiate with my previous attorney. I dodged a big bullet and learned the hard way what a good attorney can do for you and how a bad one can ruin things.”

“My youngest son was accused on attempted murder and our family fell apart. I called a civil lawyer friend of mine and he recommended David. I met with David and his staff and I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and legal knowhow. We all felt outraged because my son had nothing to do with the attempted murder and was completely innocent; in fact he wasn’t even there and didn’t know the victim. It was a tough couple of moths but justice prevailed with the help of David. He was instrumental in showing the prosecution that they had the wrong person and the charges where dismissed. My son owes David Elden his freedom and I would not hesitate for an instant in recommending David to anyone needing the best defense attorney.”

“I was accused of a drug crime and we decided to go to trial. At the trial David was fantastic and really demonstrated the weakness of the prosecution’s case. We gambled on a favorable jury verdict and we won, thanks to David and his tireless team. If you find yourself in similar trouble, do yourself a favor weigh your options and hire David Elden; I recommend him.”

“We are from California but my husband was charged in Washington with Federal drug crimes. My husband’s operation was large and the charges where serious. We hired David to handle the Federal case and he really fought for us. David took care of everything, from the beginning until the plea agreement. He worked out for us a great plea agreement and my husband got less time than we anticipated, thank you David.”

I have no doubt that David Elden gave my brother the best defense out there. My brother messed up but he didn’t deserve what the government was proposing. David didn’t think so either and he fought hard for him. My brother did some time, which he did deserve but not the amount the prosecution wanted, a good defense does work. I recommend David Elden to anybody that is in trouble.”

“I was pretty much depressed and worried about my case. I have some priors and thought, this is it. My fiancé found David Elden and he came on board, I didn’t think much could be done but he got the sentence down to much less than what we all thought. I married my fiancé and now have a family; I can work and take care of them. I owe much to David and I’m happy to write this about him, I recommend him.”

“My son was charged with identity theft and other related charges, it was his first offense and we where all scared for him. David Elden was recommended to us and he came on board. He kept us informed on all the criminal process and worked with us so that we can understand what was going on. We where very happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone, thanks for your hard work David.”

“Mr. Elden was brought in by my defense attorney. The case was pretty complicated and he wanted someone experiences like Mr. Elden. The truth is that the charges against me where dropped because of the work Mr. Elden and his team did. When he told me about the charges I think I sat there for like a full five minutes until I was able to say a word, needless to say I was very happy with the result.”

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