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All You Need to Know About Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud Elden

Wire fraud occurs using a telephone, the Internet, electronic transfer or anything similar to commit fraud. Some specific examples of wire fraud might be gathering personal information under false pretexts for the intention of stealing money or purposefully misrepresenting a service or product you are selling. Sometimes, people are faced with wired fraud charges when prosecution is lacking evidence towards another charge or when they want an individual to face federal charges for a crime that could have been handled on a state level.

It is very common for a wire fraud case to be quite complex. If you or a loved one are facing wire fraud charges, it is in your best interest to understand the best defense strategies against them and have an experienced attorney on your side.

What Satisfies a Wire Fraud Charge?

Wire fraud charges are established when an individual’s main intent was to defraud others. To satisfy a wire fraud conviction, the government does not have to prove that an individual actually defrauded or obtained any money from someone. All the prosecution must establish is that an individual intentionally deceived someone for the main purpose of achieving profit from their loss. An example of this is promising someone a service and having no intention of providing that said service or selling a product that will never actually be delivered.

Defense Against Wire Fraud Charges

In most cases, a wire fraud charge has to be handled within 5 years after it occurred. Because of this, some people are able to prove that the illegal activity was 5 or more years ago and can successfully avoid charges. A more commonly used strategy is good faith. The only way the government can charge someone with wire fraud charges is by having evidence that this person’s main objective was to gain from another’s loss. Without that evidence, an individual is able to testify that they honestly believed they were acting in a lawful manner.

Are You Facing Wire Fraud Charges?

If you are charged with any state or federal crime, it is crucial to obtain the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. Contact Premier Federal Criminal Defenders today to obtain the help of an experienced attorney who will assist you in creating the strongest defense possible.  Call today for a free consultation – 1-800-455-6200.

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