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Common Business Fraud Examples


The act of violating any federal fraud law can easily become a major disaster for a business. Therefore, it is always essential to consult a federal defense attorney who is experienced enough to advise you on how to deal with any violation of the federal statutes.

Some of the most common federal law statute violations in the industry include:

Wire and Mail Fraud

Mail and wire fraud have become known over the years as general purpose, as well as ever adaptable federal offenses. According to the law, any proof of mail fraud necessitates a plan for a defraud scheme which involves the mailing of a letter for the purpose of executing such a scheme.

To prove a case, it is important to detail any specific intent for the fraud and also to provide material which highlights the falsity of the scheme. Mail fraud may be for both private and public carriers. Using the credit card of the employer and the mailed statements, results in a separate case of mailing fraud with each mail.

Wire fraud includes fraudulent activities with the use of all types of media, like television, email, radio, internet, facsimile and others.

Bankruptcy Fraud

For bankruptcy fraud, proof of an attempt or scheme of fraud is required. This should include a petition or document or any form of fraudulent representation that is found to be in connection with the bankruptcy proceeding.

Some of the related offenses may include perjury, wire fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, and different Sarbanes Oxley offenses like the alteration, destruction or falsification of any records.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud involves an act and attempt to try and defraud a financial institution that is federally insured. The fraud includes securities and funds and any property which is in the custody and possession of the financial institution.

If the institution is found to be at a risk of civil liability, the statute is held violated. The liability may occur in different ways like, credit card fraud, check offenses, ATM fraud, student loan and mortgage fraud, fraudulent receipts for credit cards, any shell bank transactions, vehicle title fraud and any fraud statements done for loan applications.

False Claims

Most of the time, false claims cases are applied to Medicare, Medicaid and also defense contractor fraud cases. The law defines civil penalties and fines for conspiring or making any kind of false financial claims towards the government. Each false statement made on a bill is held to be a separate federal offense.

Private individuals are allowed to file a suit on behalf of the federal government and inside corporate whistleblowers may also act on it.

The false claims include activities like falsified certifications of compliance with the conditions or regulations, and any fraudulent claims that represent any compliance with the statutes, regulations or contract terms.

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