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Do I Need A Federal Attorney To Fight My Charges?

A federal indictment (also known as a true bill or a bill of indictment) is a type of written accusation on the basis of which, a felony case is registered in the United States federal court. The federal indictment is usually the second stage in the prosecution process (the first being when the prosecutor files an initial complaint).

In the United States, there is a wide difference between the Federal and State cases. Federal court jurisdiction is limited to a specified number of cases as envisaged by the U.S. Constitution. In many of the federal cases and federal indictment charges, the federal courts only hear cases in which one of the parties is the United States.

This means that federal cases involve violations of the Constitutions, breaches of the federal laws, crimes committed on the federal land and bankruptcy cases. If you’re filing for Chapter 11 or have been indicted by a federal court or even have a loved one accused of federal law violations, here are the five reasons why you need a Federal Attorney to fight your case:

Vast Laws

Federal, Constitutional, Criminal and Business laws in the United States are complex, exhaustive and are rapidly changing. With the senate in session, new bills are passed every few months and old laws are amended or nullified. If you’re fighting for your charges, you need the services of a professional and experienced federal attorney to not only review your case, but also to evaluate all possible options and outcomes from court rulings.

Lengthy Proceedings

Federal indictment proceedings are often lengthy. The prosecution has to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused has committed a violation of law and should be punished accordingly. In several cases, even innocent people are branded as guilty! In such cases, it is always a good remedial measure to have a qualified federal attorney on your case – who can provide counter-arguments and evidence to the prosecutor’s stance.

Less Possibility of Legal Missteps

Many people think of lawyers as expensive or charging unnecessarily high fees. In reality, they do not see the bigger picture – the cost of not hiring a federal attorney is far greater than the attorney fees. If you’ve been indicted in a criminal case, you may be looking at jail time if you lose. Civil cases, on the other hand, involve high penalties and restitution for the plaintiff. In either case, it is more economical to seek legal help and better your chances of winning.

Added Services

In addition to representing your case, federal attorneys offer a range of other professional services. They have an extended network of expert eye witnesses, private detectives and other professionals that help gather additional evidence and support for your stance and to counter the prosecutor’s witnesses and evidence. With a federal attorney, you can easily challenge evidence and gather testimonies in your support.

Settlements and Negotiations

For several federal cases, the verdict of court need not be in complete favor of one of the two parties. In some cases, the courts ask the two parties to reach a consensus. If your case is represented by a federal lawyer, there is a strong probability that you can enter a plea bargain and enter into a mutually beneficial settlement with the opposing party. This strategy is particularly important in bankruptcy proceedings, where details of bailout packages can be worked out by attorneys.

If you have to fight any charges or accusations leveled by a court of law or have a loved one enduring the same, contact Premier Federal Criminal Defenders today and set up a free consultation on how you can create a winning case.

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