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Los Angeles Cocaine Attorney

Cocaine Charge Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

California law imposes several penalties (including jail time) for the possession of cocaine or any cocaine base with the intention of selling it. The Health and Safety Code Section 11350 rates possession of cocaine as a criminal offense, unless such possession is supported by a valid prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.

Possession of cocaine can lead to a one year sentence in jail. Given the seriousness of the felony and the rampart possession and sale of the drug across Los Angeles, it is necessary for you to acquaint yourself with and seek assistance from a qualified, competent and experienced Los Angeles Cocaine Lawyer.

David Elden & Victor Sherman, at Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, is a veteran lawyer with over 35 years of experience. With hundreds of clients and a proven track record, Mr. Elden is one of the leading cocaine possession defense attorneys with sound knowledge of the California laws, litigation proceedings, prosecution and defense. Here is what Mr. Elden & Mr. Sherman have to offer:

Proactive and Aggressive Approach

Possession and sale of cocaine is a serious felony that could have detrimental impact on the life, career and future aspects of the accused. Unlike other defense lawyers, Premier Federal Criminal Defenderss takes an aggressive and proactive approach to representing their clients. This includes preparing the case and getting to work immediately after arrest and getting a head-start towards countering the prosecutor’s claims.

Detailed Subject Knowledge

Drug laws in California are complex and ever-changing. At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we stay abreast with the latest developments in the laws and have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all pertinent matters. From re-interviewing the local witnesses to filing charges on behalf of an illegal search and seizure, we analyze all angles and perspectives that help our clients obtain an advantage at all proceedings.

Premium Rights to Visit and Consult

Facing drug charges traumatizes people and the situation gets worse when the accused does not have access to their lawyer. At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we have exclusive rights to visit our clients and offer consulting services to them and their families during any stage of the proceeding following the immediate arrest. We’re always a phone call away!

Early Intervention

In most of the drug cases, especially juvenile cases, it is easier to intervene before the commencement of the trial and prevent the charges from being filed altogether. We evaluate the potential case, as well as any criminal charges it might constitute. Through early intervention, we have successfully defended most our clients from facing litigation and penalties.

Evaluate ALL Options

At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we do not believe in a one-shoe-fits-all approach. All cases and clients are different. We offer personalized help for all our clients. This includes evaluating all possible second options and their subsequent impact on their lives. We are committed to providing a true and complete picture of the final outcome, rather than focusing on a few “preferred” options.

Release on Bail

If you have a loved one serving a sentence on account of possession of cocaine, we help arrange a bail hearing. This helps in reducing the bail and securing an early release. We have assisted several in mates in custody during their jail term and have also stood by their families during such times.


If you or your loved one has been sentenced under a court of law, we’ll help you file an appeal under an appellant court. Our prior experience and expertise have helped us yield favorable results for our clients, resulting in an acquittal from all charges under the appeal.

If your loved one is facing cocaine charges, call David Elden & Victor Sherman right now to schedule a free consultation at (888) 991-9353.

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