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Drug Conspiracies

Defense of Complex Drug Conspiracy Charges

Major federal criminal investigations can take many months as prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and the grand jury work through enormous volumes of highly detailed but often ambiguous evidence in the form of wiretap recordings and transcripts, bank records, or surveillance data. In the most complex drug investigations, attention will eventually focus on a few principal targets for prosecution on the most serious charges. At the same time, any number of other persons whose names surface during the investigation can be indicted as participants in a complex conspiracy to violate the law.

If you have come under investigation in a complex drug or fraud case, or if you have been indicted as a member of a conspiracy to commit any other state or federal offense, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of David Elden & Victor Sherman in Los Angeles. Our approach to the defense of persons implicated in complex criminal conspiracies is focused on avoiding or minimizing your exposure to criminal liability.

A conspiracy is nothing more than an agreement between two or more individuals to commit an unlawful act, with at least one overt act committed by one of them in furtherance of the objective of the conspiracy. Our goal in defending persons implicated in complex conspiracies is to demonstrate to the prosecution at the earliest possible stage that your involvement in a criminal conspiracy will be difficult or impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is always possible to get caught up in a conspiracy investigation without having agreed to its purposes or even being aware of its objectives. For example, a friend of a friend of a major drug dealer might deliver a car to another friend of the friend without any idea it will be used to smuggle contraband across international boundaries.

Even when there is some evidence to suggest that a bit player in a conspiracy to manufacture or distribute drugs had some awareness of the criminal purposes of the conspiracy, an energetic defense prior to indictment may help you remain what is known as an unindicted co-conspirator: still a person of interest to the prosecution, and quite possibly a witness for the government, but not facing any criminal charges.

With 35 years of experience, defense lawyer David Elden & Victor Sherman know how to protect your interests at every stage of a complex conspiracy case. Contact criminal defense attorney David Elden & Victor Sherman at their office in Los Angeles at (888) 991-9353 for a free consultation about the best way to approach your defense of conspiracy crime charges. Mr. Elden  & Mr. Sherman serve clients throughout Southern California and across the United States.

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