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Ecstasy Lawyer in Los Angeles

Expert Lawyers in Defending Ecstasy Drug Charges

MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, is one of the most widely discussed and controversial topics in California (particularly in Los Angeles). Over the years, several prosecutors have successfully charged ecstasy offenders in Los Angeles under the Controlled Substance Analog Act. At present, even simple possession of ecstasy means up to three years imprisonment in a California state prison.

There are also some representatives in the state assembly who are continually (albeit unsuccessfully) pushing for the California ecstasy laws to be at par with the federal laws. This could mean harsher penalties for the drug possessors and the users.

With the current penalties and an uncertain future of the drug use, it is imperative that you have a competent and experience Ecstasy Lawyer in Los Angeles by your side to protect you and your loved ones from ecstasy-related felonies.

David Elden & Victor Sherman are two of the leading ecstasy lawyers in Los Angeles with over 35 years of experience and professional expertise in the complex California ecstasy laws. As a veteran prosecutor, Elden is an aggressive and dedicated criminal defense attorney for all individuals involved in ecstasy-related felonies.

Representation for Illegal Search and Seizure

With Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, you need not worry about whether the ecstasy recovered from your possession falls within the ambit of a Schedule I Drug. Mr. Elden has a proven track record of filing a case over illegal search and seizure, thereby averting the ecstasy-related litigation during its preliminary stages.

Successful Appeals and Appellants

Premier Federal Criminal Defenders is well-known across Los Angeles for handling the appeals of several clients who were unsuccessful in their first court rulings. We cater to the needs of all our clients and have successfully defended all of them in appeals in appellant courts.

Juvenile Cases

At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we have an extensive background and knowledge not only of the complex Ecstasy laws in California, but also of representing and defending juvenile cases. For most of the juveniles, ecstasy is commonly referred to as the “party drug”. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to know that most of the ecstasy offenders in Los Angeles are juveniles and minors. Presiding over hundreds of juvenile cases, Premier Federal Criminal Defenders is committed to their juvenile clients and their families from the moment of arrest to the sealing of the juvenile case.

Offering Alternatives

In addition to successful client representation at all proceedings, Mr. Elden and the Elden Group offer consultation services for the clients and their families on alternatives to jail terms and long-term drug treatment.

Our Commitment

Premier Federal Criminal Defenders stands in support for all individuals facing misdemeanor or felony charges on account of ecstasy possession, use, trafficking, manufacture or distribution. With our aggressive stance, we are committed to providing you with a skillful legal representation and upholding your constitutional right to a free and fair trial.

From start to finish, we provide an extensive range of services for you and your loved ones. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping you understand the ecstasy laws in California
  • Preparing and reviewing your case in all legal proceedings and litigations
  • Analyzing and exploring all possible options in your particular case
  • Providing sound judgments and arguments in support of your claims; and
  • Maintaining an assertive and aggressive representation on your behalf
  • Working, to the best of our abilities, to guarantee a win in all first cases and appeals

If you’ve been served a legal notice or have a loved one convicted of ecstasy possession or of any other ecstasy-related felony, please feel free to contact us at (888) 991-9353. We’re offering a free consultation and assessment of your existing stance on the matter.

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