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Los Angeles Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Experts in Marijuana Law and Defending Marijuana Charges

Proposition 215 allows individuals in Los Angeles to procure or grow and use medical marijuana for the treatment of a number of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, migraines and other chronic diseases. However, the position of marijuana for recreational purposes in excess of a prescribed limit constitutes a drug crime and is punishable with fines (and even jail terms).

If you have been charged with a drug crime that involves marijuana, it is crucial that you speak an experienced Los Angeles marijuana defense lawyer right away. Attorneys David Elden & Victor Sherman have over 80 years of litigation experience and have successfully defended hundreds of individuals in Los Angeles charged with marijuana-related crimes and always acts with your best interest, freedom and rights in mind. Here are the reasons why you should consult Premier Federal Criminal Defenders:

Implications of Marijuana Possession

The drug administration and distribution laws in Los Angeles are harsh. Drug crimes involving marijuana remains one of the most widely committed offenses in the city. Unaware of their rights to an attorney and proper litigation proceedings, most of the accused are heavily prosecuted by the courts as strict punitive measures are taken.

Prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and the state shows little remorse for individuals engaged in such acts of felony and do not hesitate to take a tough stance against them. This includes the imposition of fines, imprisonment, mandatory drug treatment&forfeiture of assets, deportation of undocumented aliens and several other punishments. Therefore, it is necessary that you consult your attorney when you’re charged with a drug crime involving marijuana, not only to evaluate your options but also to have a fair proceeding.

Wide Range of Services Offered

As one of the premier Marijuana Lawyers-Los Angeles, David Elden & Victor Sherman offer a dedicated, aggressive and committed representation for all his clients involved in legal proceedings for marijuana offense. Elden offers a range of services that include:

  • Marijuana Felonies
  • Marijuana Misdemeanors
  • Marijuana-induced DUI incidents
  • Juvenile Delinquencies and marijuana-related charges
  • Proposition against illegal search and seizure of personal items

With the experience and expertise of Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we can help defend you at all proceedings- be it a second strike drug case or a third strike drug case. Our services incorporated all marijuana-related charges and felonies.

Broader Spectrum

At Elden Group, our commitment is not only limited to legal proceedings and prosecution. Marijuana-related felonies not only include drug use, but also encompass drug smuggling and trafficking, cultivation, manufacture, transportation, importing, cartels and conspiracies. Most of the drug cases in the USA involve crossing the country borders and state lines in order to conduct large-scale operations.

In addition, the punitive measures consider the broader spectrum of the crime. For instance: if your vehicle was used for transporting marijuana (with or without your consent and/or knowledge), then the state may confiscate your asset against your wishes. At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we analyze all possible actions and decisions to be taken by the court of law and ensure that your case is well-represented in all proceedings.

Avail all Immunities

The California Marijuana Laws expressly prohibits marijuana of all sorts (except medicinal marijuana for patients under a prescription by a licensed medical practitioner). However, this does not mean that there are no immunities offered to the individual who breaks the law.

At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, we analyze all your immunity options and offer an aggressive defense and dedicated representation in all court proceedings. Our experience, expert knowledge of law and commitment gives you a fair representation and improves your chances of succeeding in any litigation proceedings against marijuana possession and use.

To learn further on our competent services or to evaluate all your options, feel free to avail our free consultation at (888) 991-9353.

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