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Federal Conspiracy Crimes Lawyers

If you are under investigation for a federal conspiracy crime or a related RICO crime or if you have already been charged, you will need the assistance of a seasoned and skilled federal criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about the procedure of federal law. Fighting a case in state court as opposed to federal court involves different approaches and different rules. You need an attorney who has experience fighting federal charges. Such an attorney can be found at the top-ranked criminal defense firm Premier Federal Criminal Defenders. Federal charges are much more serious than state charges and can lead to harsher and more severe penalties such as lengthy incarcerations in federal prison, hefty fines, and more.

Federal Conspiracy and RICO Attorney Los Angeles

Conspiracy is a separate crime that is charged along with another offense when a person commits a crime pursuant to an agreement with another person or a group of people. RICO, which stands for ‘Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations’ Act outlines extended penalties as well as a civil cause of action available for private individuals for conduct that is part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Conspiracy is included in the crimes that can trigger a RICO prosecution. The RICO Act will apply if any member of a criminal organization commits any 2 of 35 listed federal and state crimes within a period of 10 years. Defending a RICO Act charge can be a daunting and complex task and you will need a lawyer with the expertise and confidence to pull it off in such a way that will result in superior results.

The lawyers at our firm are not only highly-experienced and skilled legal advocates, they are also supportive and compassionate and understand that dealing with a federal criminal charge can be a frightening and confusing time for anyone. Do not delay, the sooner you get into contact with one of our expert federal conspiracy crime defense lawyers, the sooner our legal team can start developing your defense, call our offices today for a consultation.

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