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Health Care Fraud

Experienced Health Care Fraud Attorneys

The attorneys at Premier Federal Criminal Defenders understand the complexities of health care fraud prosecutions and how the government builds its case for court. State and federal law enforcement agencies aggressively scrutinize the operations of health care operators and professionals, leading to criminal charges being filed in state and federal courtrooms. If you are under investigation, or charges have been filed, you need a skilled, experienced law firm with a successful track record.

Health Care Fraud Charges

Throughout the country, and especially in Los Angeles, health care providers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, orderlies and others have become a major target of government officials. Health care fraud has come under increasing scrutiny, and everyday there are more news stories about health care companies and professionals facing serious fines and even jail time. Authorities are targeting medical equipment suppliers, drug researchers, laboratories, nursing homes, ambulance companies, group homes and even hospitals. With the recent Health care legislation passed and increasing government oversight, our Los Angeles Health care Fraud Defense Attorneys work aggressively to get criminal investigations stopped and to prevent the filing of criminal charges in court.

Our lawyers have defended clients for state and federal health care fraud offenses, including for the billing of Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, Denti-Cal and other government funding programs:

  • Over-billing for medical services
  • Charging for services not provided
  • Inflating the overall cost of each health care procedure
  • Falsifying patient records
  • Capping- Giving/Receiving “kickbacks”
  • Performing unnecessary surgery and procedures

Health Care fraud penalties are severe, whether you are a physician, office manager, patient recruiter, office employee or a medical biller. Years in prison, serious fines, loss of medical licensing, years of probation – these are all potential consequences of being convicted of this crime. Without a qualified Los Angeles Health care Defense Attorney working on your behalf, you will be at the mercy of prosecutors who are looking to make examples of the entire industry.

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With law enforcement utilizing aggressive investigation techniques, and even recruiting the general population through “tip lines,” you need a criminal defense team that possesses extensive courtroom experience. Our lawyers are experiences with defending violations of Insurance Code Section 1871.4, Penal Code Section 550, and other state and federal criminal statutes, which directly impact on how the prosecution approaches a health care billing fraud case in Southern California courtrooms.

If you are a physician, dentist, chiropractor, office manager, medical biller, nurse, or a pharmacist, and have been accused of health care fraud, contact us immediately. Our attorneys are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide you with a qualified and aggressive legal defense even before charges are filed in court.

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