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Insurance Fraud

Experienced Insurance Fraud Attorneys

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Typically, insurance fraud is charged when an an insured individual or entity is accused of making  a false or exaggerated insurance claim, seeking compensation for injuries or losses that were not actually suffered.  Insurance fraud can also be committed upon customers, through 1) the sale of unlicensed or bogus insurance coverage to unsuspecting clients, or 2) an insurance broker or agent’s diversion or theft of insurance premiums paid by clients.

Definition of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud refers to any of a wide range of potential duplicitous acts performed with the intent to obtain some form of improper payment from an insurer.  Individuals charged with insurance fraud come from all walks of life.  Doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, car salesmen, insurance agents and other people in positions of trust have been charged.  Anyone who seeks to benefit from insurance through making inflated or false claims of loss or injury can be prosecuted.

Attorney David Elden has extensive experience over a period of thirty-five years in defending against charges of insurance fraud. Our team understands the issues, and we have the team to get the job done on your behalf.  We assert your rights and protect your freedoms.

Types of Insurance Fraud

Police and prosecutors typically refer to an insurance fraud scheme as either “hard fraud” or “soft fraud.”

  • Hard Fraud: Someone deliberately fakes an accident, injury, theft, arson or other loss to collect money illegally from insurance companies. Crooks often act alone, but increasingly, organized crime rings stage large schemes to steal millions of dollars.
  • Soft Fraud: Normally honest people often tell “little white lies” to their insurance company for the purposes of filing or maximizing a claim. Many people think it’s just harmless fudging. But soft fraud is a crime, and raises everyone’s insurance costs.

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