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How to Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

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Whether you need a federal criminal lawyer to defend you against federal crimes charges, or you need a criminal lawyer to handle a state case, figuring out whom to represent you may be the biggest decision in the entire process.

So the question is this: Do you know how to hire a criminal lawyer who will keep you out of jail?

If the answer is ‘no,’ let’s go over a few things that can help you make that decision.

Questions To Ask a Prospective Criminal Lawyer

Most criminal lawyers who are available to represent you will usually consent to an initial meeting so that you can talk about your case and ask questions about how they would represent you.

So when you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective criminal lawyers to a final group, you should ask them some important questions, including:


  • What Is Your Relationship With the District Attorney? An experienced lawyer will have had many opportunities to deal with the prosecution’s office, and the more times that the lawyer has dealt with that office, the more likely that he or she has developed a working rapport that could come into play during your criminal case.
  • What Aspects of My Case Work Against Me? – This will give you insight into how well a criminal lawyer assesses the legal aspects of your case, and the worst case scenario if your case were to go to trial.
  • What Kind of Team Will You Assemble?  – It’s important to understand the resources that a criminal lawyer has available to devote to your case. You should look for a law firm that has an investigator, support staff, and other lawyers who are available for consultation if your lead lawyer isn’t around.
  • What Is your Acquittal and Dismissal Rate? – Two of the most important qualities of a good criminal lawyer is the number of acquittals and the number of dismissals he or she has earned. A criminal lawyer whose clients have a high conviction rate probably isn’t someone you should trust to handle your case.
  • Can I Speak To Some of Your Former Clients? – Sometimes the best reference for a criminal lawyer is former clients. Make sure that you don’t just talk to a client who was acquitted or whose case was dismissed, but also to a client who was found guilty. That can give you a comprehensive view of a lawyer’s skills, talent and expertise. It can also give you insight into a criminal lawyer’s weaknesses. Any lawyer that can’t put you in touch with former clients isn’t one that you should hire.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Sticking with a court-appointed lawyer may cost you a lot more than the price of paying for an experienced lawyer who can get your charges reduced, or who find evidence that will create the kind of reasonable doubt necessary to win an acquittal. The Elden Law Group has more than 30 years of experience defending clients on serious felonies, including drug charges, conspiracy, and even homicide. Please call us today at (888) 991-9353 to schedule a consultation.

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