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Armed Robbery

Criminal Lawyers with Expertise in Defending Armed Robbery Charges

Armed Robbery Legal Information

Under California law, armed robbery is a major violent crime and defined as taking property from another person through the use of force or fear. In order for a robbery to occur, the individual charged must take the property directly from the victim in their immediate presence. This criminal offense can be charged as either a first-degree robbery or second-degree robbery. If you are convicted of first-degree robbery, you could be facing maximum prison sentence of nine years. If convicted of second-degree robbery, you are facing a maximum sentence of five years in a state prison. Robbery is also considered a “strike” under California three-strikes law.

Armed Robbery Enhanced Legal Penalties

If you used a weapon to commit armed robbery, you could be facing a prison sentence of 10 to 25 years for a separate criminal offense. Under California law, using a firearm during the commission of a crime can result in a ten year sentence, and a 20 year sentence if you fired the weapon. If you caused serious bodily injury or killed another person while committing the crime, you could be facing 25 years to life in prison.

Armed Robbery Legal Defenses

If you are under criminal investigation or have already been arrested for armed robbery, our criminal defense lawyers will use all our knowledge and experience to defend you. We will thoroughly review all the evidence against you, including police reports and witness statements. It possible you are the victim of misidentification or the prosecutor may not possess enough evidence for a conviction. We will seek any errors made by the police during their investigation, such as an illegal search and seizure. Our main goal is to avoid a criminal conviction. We are recognized skilled trail attorneys and are always prepared to seek an acquittal of your charges.

If the prosecutor has sufficient evidence for a conviction and guilt is not in doubt, we are skilled courtroom negotiators and may be able to get your armed robbery charges reduced to a lesser crime that would not be considered a “strike” offense. We could also negotiate a favorable plea bargain for a reduced sentence. We will always keep you advised of all your legal options for the best possible outcome to your case.

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At Premier Federal Criminal Defenders, our criminal defense attorneys have spent years defending people charged with such serious crimes as armed robbery. With decades of combined experience, many of which were spent in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, our lawyers understand the law and the challenges people face. All theft crimes can lead to years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines and even the potential for restriction. As the criminal courts have become more creative in their approach to punishment, ordering people to repay their alleged victims for the financial loss has become more popular. For someone who has very little money, or who may not have stolen anything, this can be an immense burden that few if any can afford.

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