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Notable News Stories in Criminal Law

Criminal LawAs criminal defense attorneys, we know that there is always something happening in the world of criminal law. News of federal crimes can be found on the front pages almost every day. Some of these cases are incredibly important because they set a standard or precedence for the future of how criminal cases are prosecuted and defended.

A few criminal cases from the past month have stood out as exceptionally noteworthy. Here are the most relevant, top criminal law news stories today.

Theranos Founder Charged with Wire Fraud

Theranos CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, along with the former COO Sunny Balwani, were indicted by a federal grand jury on nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. This indictment comes about 3 months after Theranos and Homes settled fraud charges with the Securities Exchange Commission.

The wire fraud charges stem from allegations that Homes and Balwani engaged in a scheme to defraud investors of millions of dollars. The scheme involved advertisements and solicitations aimed at promoting a service provided by the Theranos laboratory, claiming that their test could produce the same results of standard lab tests, but with only a drop of blood. They allegedly promoted this service knowing that the results had not been shown to be as accurate as traditional laboratory tests.

The indictment also included the use of fraudulent financial statements, marketing materials and other information in an attempt to defraud investors.

If convicted, Holmes and Balwani could face up to 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine plus restitution.

Charges Dropped Against Sheriff in Backpage Case

A federal judge recently dismissed a’s lawsuit against Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart. The dismissal comes on the tail end of the federal seizure of the website

Last April, the website and its affiliates were seized under allegations that they knowingly and allowed and encouraged users to post advertisements that pertained to acts of prostitution and human sex trafficking, some of which included minors.

In the original lawsuit against Sheriff Dart, Backpage alleged that he had violated their free speech protections and caused damage to their business model by requesting that credit card issuers place a block that disallowed users from purchasing ads on the site with their cards.

In response to the dismissal of charges, Sheriff dart has filed a motion against seeking to have the site bear the financial responsibility of the Cook County’s attorney fees and other costs incurred during the 3-year legal battle.

Feds Deny Transfer of Immigrant Suspects to California

Recently, United States Customs and Border Protection have begun to refuse transfer of immigration suspects that are wanted by California law agencies for multiple crimes including drug possession and sexual assault.

This move appears to be in direct response to California’s initiative to limit their legal cooperation with offenses related to immigration through the state Senate Bill 54, which restricts local agencies from guaranteeing that immigrant suspects will be automatically returned to federal custody after their state cases are determined.

This move has served to escalate the already building tensions between the state of California and the federal government in terms of immigration issues and California’s Sanctuary State status.

The Federal Defense Attorney to Win Your Case

These are just a few examples of federal law at work in our country. If you are facing charges, you need representation that’s experienced in winning cases of federal crimes. If you value your freedom, Contact the Elden Law Group today for a free consultation with a criminal law attorney.

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