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Recent Criminal Law News Stories That Are Dominating the Headlines

Criminal activity is happening every day across every city in America. As criminal defense attorneys, we take a special interest in any news story that involves criminal law. Recently, there have been several news stories that have captured the attention of the entire nation. While these stories paint a picture of the troubles we’re experiencing as a country, it’s also important to pay attention to them to better understand our criminal justice system, including its strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a couple of the top new stories that have recently captured the attention of our law group and the nation at large.

Newport Beach Surgeon Faces Allegations of Rape and Sexual Assault

Newport Beach surgeon Grant William Robicheaux and his girlfriend Cerissa Laura Riley are facing charges of assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense, rape by the use of drugs, possession of controlled substance for sale and oral copulation by a controlled substance.

The couple came into sight of investigators as women began coming forward with accusations of being drugged and brought back to the surgeon’s residence where they were then sexually assaulted. As the case gained traction in the news, more women began to come forward with similar claims.

Upon investigation, law enforcement officials discovered more than 1,000 videos that documented assaults committed by the couple. While more alleged victims seem to be coming forward every day, the sheer amount of video evidence available indicates that there are potentially hundreds of more victims who may still come forward.

Both defendants are currently free on $100,000 bonds with arraignments being scheduled for October 25, 2018.

Border Patrol Agent Accused in Serial Murder Case

Juan David Ortiz, a United States Border Patrol Supervisor, has been accused of killing at least four women from Texas along with the kidnapping of a fifth woman. The crimes are said to have spanned a period of 11 days, beginning with discovery of one of the victim’s bodies on September 4, 2018.

According to reports, the border control agent had lethally shot each of the four women, who all worked as prostitutes, and left their bodies to be found in rural southern Texas.

The crimes committed by Ortiz point to a concerning trend of border patrol agents. He is the fourth agent to be arrested this year, with other cases including the alleged murder of an agent’s romantic partner and her one year old child, another who sexually assaulted a woman after threatening deportation and an agent who mortally shot a young woman from Guatemala this past spring.

While these men are only a few of thousands of border patrol agents and do not represent the occupation as whole, many are suggesting that it’s time to reassess the hiring practices and mental health screenings for individuals who are given these positions.

While these new stories tell us about what’s happening across the country in the world of criminal law, we’re more interested in what’s happening locally. If you’re facing criminal charges in the Los Angeles area, we’re here to help. Contact Elden Law today for a free consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.


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