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Top 5 Traits of an Effective Federal Defense Lawyer


What Makes an Effective Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are a number of traits that make a successful federal criminal defense lawyer. Some of the more obvious skills include intelligence, interpersonal skills, experience, and excellent written and oral communication. These skills are generally what people look for when they are seeking the help of a criminal defense lawyer for their case. Yet, there are other attributes that are often overlooked when individuals are researching lawyers that they should be aware of. The following will go over these traits and will hopefully help you find a criminal defense lawyer that will lead to a successful case.


A trait that the best criminal defense attorneys share is they are assertive in voicing their opinions and are skilled in getting their main points across clearly and concisely. Further, it is important to not confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness. Although a good criminal defense lawyer should be aggressive when it comes to protecting your freedom, they should not be too aggressive where they come off as disrespectful. Their courtroom demeanor is very important, and if they come off as too aggressive, this can end up damaging important relationships causing major setbacks in your case.

Creative Problem Solvers

Criminal cases tend to be very complex, therefore, the best federal defenders have the ability to find creative ways to solve their client’s complex problems. This is very important to successful criminal cases because the more creative the solution is, the more likely the prosecution will not have a well thought out retort.


This trait is incredibly important and only the very best criminal defense attorneys possess it. Defense lawyers defend a wide range of crimes, from minor to severe. Therefore, they must be able to find sympathy for who they are defending, regardless of the severity of the crime they committed. They need to remain caring and dedicated throughout the entire case in order to fight for the results you deserve, and if they are not sympathetic, they will not be able to fully appreciate the challenges you are facing.

Active Listeners

As stated earlier, all great defense lawyers are effective communicators. However, if they are able to listen as well as they communicate, they truly stand above the rest. This means they are actively listening to your concerns throughout the case, as well as intently listening to the arguments that are presented by the opposing side.


Obtaining the results that you deserve in not a smooth ride, there will be many bumps in the road throughout a case. This means the best criminal defense attorneys have the determination to exploit every avenue that is made available throughout the case, regardless of the difficulty. They will work tirelessly to form the best defenses and will be prepared to negotiate in order to secure you the best possible outcome you can receive.

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