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Import Export Crimes

Los Angeles Import/Export Crimes Lawyers David Elden & Victor Sherman

Prosecution of Customs Crimes is an area that, particularly in Los Angeles, receives considerable attention from the authorities. It is critically important for you and your family that, if you have been charged with a customs, import or export crime, you must acquire legal representation immediately to protect all of your rights in this situation — and  to minimize consequences to you and your loved ones. Federal criminal defense lawyers David Elden & Victor Sherman has extensive experience defending various participants in the import/export community including  customs brokers, importers, freight forwarders, operators within foreign trade and special economic zones (FTZs) and other parties against a wide range of customs, import and export crimes.  He will work thoroughly and vigorously with you on all aspects of your defense  to build an effective strategy to win your case.  Mr. Elden is an accomplished  litigator with a long track record of success.  You can be assured that he will fight for the best possible outcomes at every step. This is extremely important:  Before you speak to the government or the prosecution, make sure you have a strong advocate on your side. Contact David Elden & Victor Sherman today.

Customs and Import Export Criminal Defense Areas

  • Customs fraud
  • False declarations
  • Accusations of misleading or false statements to Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE)
  • Importing prohibited or regulated goods
  • Import duty tax issues
  • Child protection law issues (for toys)
  • Embargo offenses
  • Foreign trade zone investigations
  • Customs broker investigations
  • Freight forwarder investigations
  • LDP investigations
  • Importer investigations

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